If there’s one thing the internet is good for, it’s a good chuckle, right?

Finding moments of joy wherever you can is crucial given the recent events around the globe. Therefore I’m happy to share the photos we selected from the Reddit subreddit “Accidental Comedy.” The group uses images to express unintended humor, and it’s fantastic to maintain a positive attitude.


  1. oh my god, Megan!



Coincidence? I think not. from AccidentalComedy


oh well from AccidentalComedy


4. Serena is standing guard over all of us.

Sorry if this was already posted from AccidentalComedy


Maybe it’s reverse psychology from AccidentalComedy


Now that’s just plane wrong from AccidentalComedy

7. A graveyard visit

8. Be careful, Nana!

9. That’s one method of coping

10. I also see it.

11. And so it is

12. The air guitar

The best solo you ever heard from AccidentalComedy

13., infant

im pretty sure this is an accidental at least i hope XD from AccidentalComedy

14. The branch

this twig giving the finger from AccidentalComedy

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