Nicknames get so famous, that people actually start recognizing celebrities with their nickname and not their original name. The Sting, for example, is the stage name of the celebrity and no one knows his actual name. Jenifer Lopez is called J.Lo, Dwanye Johnson is called the Rock and so many other celebrities have such nicknames. But we bet that you must have not heard these nicknames before that we are sharing with you today.

1. Keanu Reevesa.k.a. “The Wall”

He was a great hockey goalie which earned him his nickname.

2. Mila Kunis, a.k.a. “Goldfish”

Goldfish is known for its poor memory. And, according to Mila’s best friend she too has a short memory.

3. Queen Elizabetha.k.a. “Gary”

The tale states, a young Prince William fell inside Kensington Palace and yelled, “Gary!” A staff member approached him and asked him who Gary was. Right at that moment, Queen Elizabeth arrived and replied that she was “Gary.”

4. Jennifer Lawrence, a.k.a. “Nitro”

The actress was hyperactive as a child. This is what earned her this nickname by her brothers.

5. Hugh Jackman, a.k.a. “Sticks”

While growing up, he has thin legs. which is why the nickname was given to him.

6. Tom Hardy, a.k.a. “Weasel”

He was a naughty child and almost got expelled from his school.

7. Bella Thorne, a.k.a. “Pickle”

8. Lewis Hamilton, a.k.a. “Hawkeye”

He notices even the small details which no body can.

9. Liam Payne, a.k.a. “Cheesy Head”

His love for cheesy chips has surely earned him a right nickname.

10. Lea Michele, a.k.a. “Grandma”

11. Priyanka Chopra, a.k.a. “Mimi”

“Mitthoo” was the actual nickname given to PC as she was a very chatty girl. But her mother prefered calling her Mimi.

12. Blake Shelton, a.k.a. “Toad”

Young boy catching bugs and frogs all the time. The nickname does justice to his activities.

13. Daniel Radcliffe, a.k.a. “Shrimpy”

Being a pale and skinny child earned our very dear Mr Harry Potter this nickname.

14. Cameron Diaz, a.k.a. “Skeletor”

A Spanish girl with skinny figure back in the days got her nickname as Skeletor.