Perry Mason has always been associated with the idea of justice, fighting for those who are wrongly accused and challenging the unjust legal system. In this week’s episode, “Chapter Twelve,” Perry is forced to confront the possibility that his clients are guilty. This article contains spoilers for Perry Mason Season 2 Episode 4.


In the previous episode, Paul found conclusive evidence that the Gallardo brothers were guilty of the crime they were accused of. After much contemplation, he decides to bring the evidence to Perry. The news leaves Perry in a state of shock, as his interest and dedication to the case was based on the assumption of the Gallardos’ innocence.

Despite knowing that the brothers are guilty, Della reminds Perry that they are still entitled to a legal defense, which he had signed on to provide. Perry, however, becomes petty and steals Lydell McCutcheon’s prized racehorse while he is drunk, and subsequently punches a parent who calls him “Maggot Mason” in front of Miss Aimes.

Perry and Miss Aimes

Miss Aimes, who Perry and Teddy encountered while riding horses, turns up at Perry’s apartment in the middle of the night. There is an obvious connection between the two, and it appears that romance is blossoming.

Ending Explained

In “Chapter Twelve,” the focus shifts from who killed Brooks McCutcheon to why. Paul continues to investigate the shooting and discovers that the Gallardos had been practicing their marksmanship by renting a weapon daily, which suggests that they were hired to kill Brooks. This theory is confirmed when Mateo’s wife Sofia reveals a stash of money in one of Rafael’s prison drawings.

Who hired the Gallardo brothers?

Although it is confirmed that the Gallardo brothers were hired to kill Brooks, it is unclear who hired them. The episode raises questions about Lydell’s possible involvement due to his dissatisfaction with Brooks, or whether it was vengeance for what happened to Noreen Lawson. Additionally, the episode hints at Camilla Nygaard’s involvement and what may be aboard the McCutcheon shipping boats.


What is Perry Mason about?

Perry Mason is a legal drama set in the 1930s. The series follows the story of a struggling defense attorney who takes on controversial cases, fighting for the wrongly accused.

Who stars in Perry Mason?

The series stars Matthew Rhys as Perry Mason, with Tatiana Maslany, John Lithgow, and Juliet Rylance in supporting roles.

Is Perry Mason based on a true story?

Perry Mason is a fictional character created by author Erle Stanley Gardner. The character has appeared in numerous books, movies, and television series. The current HBO series is a reboot of the original 1950s television show of the same name.