Paul Stanley, the frontman of the rock band KISS, has ventured to show off his entire body in a rare selfie with his daughter.

The 71-year-old music icon is currently on a sunny vacation with his 11-year-old daughter Emily, whom he shares with his wife, Erin Sutton. He is best known for playing The Starchild character as the lead vocalist in the 70s glam metal band KISS. Sarah, 14, and Colin, 16, are the couple’s other offspring.

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Stanley has a son, Evan Stanley, 28, with his first wife, Pamela Bowen.

Stanley wrote on Twitter, accompanying a selfie of himself and his youngest daughter, “Family vacation! “My lovely Emily brightens the day even more!”

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Paul Stanley
Family vacation! My beautiful Emily brightens the day even more!
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Stanley has been very private about his personal life, but in 2018, he told Forbes that becoming a father helped him acquire a deeper understanding of life.

“I went through a lot of life wondering what life was about, and it just seemed like at the end of the day, it didn’t seem to mean much because we go through our lives, and then we’re gone,” he explained.

“It became clear to me with each of my children, all of whom I either helped to deliver, pulled out, or participated in various ways, that we only die physically because we are the product of the generations before us, and we live on in the generations after us,” he added. “Ultimately, the children we create will be our future voices.”

“We’re given these blank slates, and we get to write whatever we want on them,” he later told the outlet. So whatever work and effort we put in, that is what we get out.”

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 Paul Stanley

Stanley appeared in an interview with Howie Mandel last year, where he addressed his upbringing and how his father was jealous of his success.

“I was perplexing to them.” I was wearing tights and high shoes, wearing white makeup, and holding a guitar between my legs. So, to begin with, I was unusual. But I believe it was too much for them. “I think it was a little difficult on my father,” he admitted to Full In Bloom.

“I think it was a bit difficult for my dad to see my success when success eluded him. Look, people aren’t perfect, and my parents certainly weren’t perfect. I think it was tough for my dad because instead of looking at my successes, and seeing that he was a part of it, my dad thought of it as his inadequacies,” he added.