Sylvester Stallone is a famous actor known everywhere, but his family members like his brother, wife, and daughters are also very successful. A TV show called ‘The Family Stallone’ on Paramount+ shows their everyday lives and how well they’re doing.

If you want to know more about Sylvester’s brother, Francesco “Frank” Stallone Jr., and what he’s doing in his career right now, we have all the information for you.

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Who is Frank Stallone?

Frank Stallone was born on July 30, 1950. He was the youngest of two children in his family. His parents were named Jacqueline Labofish Stallone and Frank Stallone Sr. He grew up with his older brother Sylvester in a diverse household in Philadelphia.

Their dad was from Italy and worked as a hairdresser, and their mom was from parts of France and Eastern Europe. This mix of backgrounds made them a creative family. Frank decided to make music, and Sylvester became an actor and filmmaker for both the stage and movies.

Frank Stallone

In 1976, Frank Stallone started singing with the song ‘Take You Back’ in the movie ‘Rocky.’ Then, he sang ‘Angel Voice’ and ‘Please Be Someone To Me’ for the movie ‘Paradise Alley’ in 1978. He also sang ‘Na Na Ninni/Two Kinds of Love’ for ‘Rocky II’ in 1979. After that, he made more music for movies. But he didn’t know that his song ‘Far from Over’ for the movie ‘Staying Alive’ in 1983 would change his life a lot.

This song was really popular and reached number 10 on a music chart called the Billboard Hot 100. This made Frank Stallone, the person who made the song, get nominated for a special music award called the Golden Globe for making the best song in a movie.

He was also nominated for another award called the Grammy Award for making great music for a movie or TV show. Because of this song’s success, he was able to release his first album in 1984. He later released another song in 1991 with a group called The Billy May Orchestra.

And if that wasn’t already a lot, Frank also put out three more albums in the next ten years – ‘Close Your Eyes,’ ‘Soft and Low,’ and ‘Full Circle.’ He didn’t stop trying new things either. He even tried acting during this time. He played different roles in shows and movies like ‘Tombstone,’ ‘Total Force,’ ‘Mike Hammer, Private Eye,’ and ‘Movie Stars.’

Next, there were two more music albums made by Frank. These were called ‘Frankie & Billy’ in 2002 and ‘Songs from the Saddle’ in 2005. However, not many people bought these albums, and this made Frank think about doing something else.

Frank Stallone

He decided to try sports and reality TV. Frank Stallone was really into fitness and boxing as a hobby, so he got a job advising on boxing for a show called ‘The Contender’ in 2005. Later, in 2008, he even joined a TV show called ‘Hulk Hogan’s Celebrity Championship Wrestling’ as a contestant.

Frank’s seventh music album called ‘Heart & Souls’ in 2007 and his roles in many movies and TV shows made him a lot of money. He acted in different kinds of roles like Uncle Tony in ‘American Mobsters’, Tommaso in ‘Bad Ass’, Black Knight in ‘Hawk Warrior of the Wheel Zone’, Jack Helm in ‘Hardin’, and also gave his voice for Thunderhoof in ‘Transformers’ from 2014 to 2017. He did a lot of different things in his career.

Where is Frank Stallone Now?

For almost fifty years in the entertainment world, which the 2021 documentary ‘STALLONE: Frank’ by Derek Wayne Johnson showed clearly, it’s clear that Frank has done amazing things by himself.

Even though people might mostly remember him as Sylvester Stallone’s younger brother, he’s more than that. He’s a son, he sings, writes songs, acts, makes things, and happily has three nieces as his nieces.

Frank Stallone is currently living in a condo in Los Angeles, California. He lives near his brother and their family’s home. He is 72 years old and still works. Lately, he has been focusing on staying healthy in his body and mind. He had a small surgery in May 2023 and has been exercising a lot to stay fit.