"Thor's MCU Return: Unique Conditions" 


Chris Hemsworth open to returning to MCU with one condition: Variety

Critics' Choice

Fans criticize Thor's MCU outing, but Hemsworth may have more appearances

Reunion potential

Hemsworth expresses willingness to appear as Thor one more time

Unique story required

Actor's condition for returning as Thor:Unique story required

Seeking something special

Hemsworth wants to avoid repetition in his MCU role

Personal priorities

Actor takes time off to focus on health after Alzheimer's risk

Creative considerations

Hemsworth's decision depends on the type of story Elton John joins Dolly Parton for duet on upcoming album, singing "Don't Let The Sun Go Down On Me."

Character development

Hemsworth wants to see Thor figure things out in a new way

Anticipation builds

Fans eagerly await the next chapter in Thor's journey