People in Marvel Movies You May Not Have Known

Elizabeth Banks

The actress and filmmaker appeared in a few brief sequences in each of the three Raimi movies as Betty Brant, J. Jonah Jameson's secretary at The Daily Bugle newspaper.

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Donald Glover

Andrew Garfield ultimately won the part, but Glover had a brief cameo as Aaron Davis in "Spider-Man: Homecoming."

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Lee Pace

Appeared In “Guardians Of The Galaxy” & “Captain Marvel”

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Jenna Ortega

Jenna Ortega has captivated audiences with outstanding performances in a number of recent horror films.

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Hannibal Buress

In "Spider-Man: Homecoming," Hannibal Buress played Peter Parker's physical education instructor, who discovers Peter Parker is truly Spider-Man.

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Daniel Kaluuya

A cameo by Danny Pudi, who portrayed the famous character Abed Nadir on the comedy "Community," would have thrilled the movie buff Abed.

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Lana Condor

The "To All the Boys..." franchise's leading lady, Lana Condor, began her acting career there.

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Sean Gunn

In "Guardians of the Galaxy," Sean Gunn, who is best known for playing Kirk on "Gilmore Girls," plays Kraglin.

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