Joker Showdown: Ranking the 9 Actors Who've Played the Iconic Villain! !

The DCEU's Joker Miss: Jared Leto's Unfulfilled Potential, Hindered by Script and Circumstances. What Could Have Been?

9. Jared Leto

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Batwoman's final season introduced a unique take on Joker through Nick Creegan's compelling portrayal.

8. Nick Creegan

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Barry Keoghan's chilling Joker cameo in 'The Batman' leaves fans longing for more. A powerful performance that hints at even greater potential

7. Barry Keoghan

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Cesar Romero's iconic Joker in the '60s Batman series was a comedic gem. Colorful, charismatic, and infectious laughter defined his legendary portrayal.

6. Cesar Romero

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Joaquin Phoenix's interpretation of Joker in the eponymous movie was equally as unnerving as the film itself.

5. Joaquin Phoenix

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A masterclass in villainy, anarchy and comic book loyalty, there's something in Monaghan's portrayals for every Joker fan – and that makes him one of the greatest actors to ever wear that sinister grin.

4. Cameron Monaghan

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Ledger's casting shocked a lot of people, mainly due to the fact that few of his previous films suggested that he'd be the right fit for such an iconically sinister role

3. Heath Ledger

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Nicholson's performance was something to be marvelled at and, in this day and age of realistic anarachy-loving Jokers, he doesn't get enough credit.

2. Jack Nicholson

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If you've ever watched a Batman cartoon or played a Batman video game, then there's a strong chance that you've heard Mark Hamill's Joker in action.

1. Mark Hamill

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