Best German War Movies of All Time

Coup de Grâce

Many of the films on this list explore the horrors of the battlefield and combat. However, the 1976 war drama Coup de Grâce explores a different avenue, using the war as a backdrop for passion and obsession with underlying political tones.

The Captain

Several films on this list are based on real people, and the first of these is the 2017 war drama The Captain, which is based on the events of a German war criminal, Willi Herold.

The Ninth Day

This 2004 war The Ninth Day drama tells the story of Roman Catholic priest, Father Henri Kremer (Ulrich Matthes), who is imprisoned at the Dachau concentration camp.

Munich – The Edge of War

Munich – The Edge of War is a 2021 German-British spy thriller starring Jeremy Irons, George MacKay, and Jannis Niewöhner.


As its name implies, Downfall is the story of the downward slope and the end of Adolf Hitler’s reign of terror. The film starts in November 1942.

The Counterfeiters

The Counterfeiters is a 2007 Academy Award-winning film that is based on the memoir The Commando of Counterfeiters by Adolf Burger, telling the incredible true-life story of Salomon Smolianoff, renamed Salomon “Sally” Sorowitsch for the film.

Europa Europa

Based on the 1989 autobiography of Solomon Perel, Europa Europa recounts his amazing story of survival admits the chaos of World War II. Jewish teenager Solomon “Solek” Perel is separated from his family and finds himself in a Russian orphanage for two years.

Land of Mine

The 2015 war drama Land of Mine is a heartbreaking story that is based on true events. After the conclusion of World War II and the liberation of Denmark from Germany, a German prisoner of war group consisting of young men was forced to remove land mines

Das Boot

What happens when a German submarine patrols the Atlantic Ocean during World War II? Tension, conflicts, and the fear of never knowing whether the U-boat will survive to see another day.

All Quiet on the Western Front

All Quiet on the Western Front is a remake of a 1930 antiwar film, which was based on the novel of the same name by German novelist Erich Maria Remarque. The year is 1917 and World War I is in full swing.