Actors You Probably Didn't Know Were British

Henry Cavill

Unfortunately, Superman is not an American. Cavill was a Jersey native. Not that Jersey, though.

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Idris Elba

Despite being a London native, Elba has not yet been given the official 007 role. Shaking his head

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Christian Bale

We are often reminded that both Batman and Bateman are truly English during award season. Welsh birthplace of Bale.

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Charlie Hunnam

Being from Newcastle upon Tyne, which has the least American-sounding name on the planet, he is the pinnacle of American TV bad***.

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James McAvoy

Is there a smoother accent than that of McAvoy, who is Scottish? Look it up now.

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Daniel Kaluuya

You might not have noticed Kaluuya's distinctively British accent until you first saw him in the distinctly British Black Mirror.

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Tom Holland

It's not just Superman who hails from across the pond. Tom Holland from Kingston upon Thames is the real Peter Parker.

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Tom Hardy

His deep vocals and several masks conceal a genuine London accent.

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