Will Robin be back in The Batman: Mystery unveils

New rumours stating that Matt Reeves’ The Batman might have a new version of Robin has already started to fill the gossip world. Previous rumours of Robert Pattinson accepting the role of Batman finally turned to reality not long ago.

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As it was confirmed that Robert Pattison has replaced Ben Affleck and is now the new Dark Knight.

Will Robin be back in The Batman: Mystery unveils
Robin’s character might be present in The Batman
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Rumours swirled around for almost a week that Robert might have been signed in for the role before it got cement into reality. Ergo the production is all geared up to start the work without any further delays.

Will Robin come back in The Batman?

However, the question of importance at the moment is, will Robin really be there?

If a casting report is to be believed then Robin might make it to the list of characters present. He could be considered as a potential role in a possible new trilogy. Although which version of the character would be chosen is still a mystery.

There are a number of choices to pick from. Dick Grayson, Jason Todd and Tim Drake’s Robin being some the most potent ones.

Robin’s entry is not something new. He has featured in some of the Batman franchise. Chris O’Donnell played the role of Robin in Batman Forever as well as for Batman & Robin.

The Batman still appears more or less like a mystery. Even though the casting of Robert Pattinson has been finalized, yet everything else remains unknown.

Will Robin be back in The Batman: Mystery unveils
Rumours of Robin’s return are afloat
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Robin’s entry might hint about what the story holds for us

For years Matt Reaves has teased about how he desirous of bringing back the detective Batman. So if this fact is considered then Dick Grayson’s Robin holds the odds in his favour. It is most logical as well, for the movie is no longer tied into the DCEU.

So far, Robert Pattinson accepting the lead role has been received well by the audience. Batman is one of the biggest superheroes of all times. Thus, its role brings a huge amount of responsibility along with its name. Ergo every step taken by anybody who connected to the film has to be checked twice.

So hopefully whether Robin will come back or not will be confirmed. For now, all we can hope is that Batman will stand up to our expectations!! Check out Hiptoro for more exciting updates.