On Tuesday, Whatsapp declared a security breach on the messaging app and after this news, the government started using surveillance technology through a private company. Furthermore, Whatsapp security breach can also target Human Rights Groups.

The messaging app is already a part of Facebook and is used by millions of people across the sphere. Meanwhile, The U.S Department of Justice has already investigated this issue and encouraged to update the latest version of the app to rectify the issue instantly.

Whatsapp is used by more than 2.1 billions of people and is the most common messaging app today. It was attempted for a high level of security and privacy messages on the platform being encrypted for security purposes. According to the consolidated statement of the firm, only selected Whatsapp users are under this high attack.

Is your Whatsapp up-to-date?

A piece of common advice for all users is to update their application timely to get rid of selected issues. A research group of Toronto did not disclose how many users were affected through this security breach. Moreover, the attack was complicated and had all hallmarks of a private firm functioning on surveillance.

Human Rights

Whatsapp spokesperson said

 “The deeply concerned about the abuse of such surveillance technologies is targeting human right activists”.

The Department of Justice is already working with some human right groups association. to rectify the issues.

As per the regulator said:

“The DPC appreciates for a vulnerability that has permitted a malicious actor to install unofficial software”.

Therefore, cyber experts are saying that the majority of users are not affected by this breach. Further, you don’t have to worry as entire personal credentials are not disclosed.


Do you know about the phone call function? The Financial Times warned the users about the

“vulnerability to permit attackers and inject spyware software on phones.”

Thus, the software was developed by cyber Surveillance Company and has affected mobile phones.