Titanic is one of the most honored films in Academic history. It is a classic. It is a 1997 American epic romance and disaster film directed, written, co-produced, and co-edited by James Cameron. It is the third remake of the original 1943 film.


And there is no question when one wonders how historically accurate the film was, focusing especially on if Rose really had survived the history’s one of the worst disasters. Films that are based on historic events are most of the times hard to believe in terms of historical accuracy.

Was Rose In 'Titanic' Based On A Real Person?

Like many classics, it also leaves you with a lot of unanswered questions.The character Rose was based on a woman named Beatrice Wood. In answer to the question of Rose being a real life person, Rose DeWitt Bukater wasn’t a real person, but her character was, according to the director James Cameron, partially inspired by Beatrice Wood.

She was born in San Francisco in 1893. She was an artist and had a keen interest in painting. She was of a rebellious nature from the very beginning. Much like Rose’s character, Wood always wanted to do her own thing and never listen to what her parents wanted her to do.


Later she became an actor and studied ceramics in the 1930s. Wood lived until she was 105 years old, and at the time of her death, the New York Times reported that she attributed her long life to “chocolate and young men.”

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Cameron Drew Inspiration From Beatrice Wood

In his book James Cameron said:

             “She was a little bit the inspiration for the character in Titanic. In fact, I called her up and asked her permission to use her a little bit, to interview her and use her as a kind of model for this character even though Beatrice had no connection to the Titanic itself. She said, ‘Oh I couldn’t possibly do that because I’m only 35’. She was 102 at the time


Rose and Jack as the ship hits the iceberg.

Rose and Jack as the ship hits the iceberg.


An elderly Rose begins to tell the story of the Titanic.

An elderly Rose while narrating the story of the Titanic.