The fire fighters of Southern California have worked really hard during the last few days. A picture of the hardworking and exhausted fire fighters went viral on internet and people can’t stop expressing their gratitude for them.

The fire fighters were lying on their bags, equipments and one another as they slept in open after working tirelessly for lots of 24 hour shifts. The Fire Department of Kern County shared the picture featuring the Tehachapi Wildland Fire Crew 11.

The recent wildfires have already taken down Los Angeles, Newbury Park and Ventura County and thousands of people have lost their homes. This picture is being posted by many people to express their support and gratitude.  The picture was originally posted for showing the public the spirit of these fire fighters fighting the Thomas Fire in Montecito, California.

Val Chmerkovskiy and Kevin Hart shared this image on Instagram to pay a tribute to these fire fighters and wrote touching message. Chmerkovskiy said,

As our beautiful state burns there are the ones that are fleeing and those that are going towards the fire, literally. These brave men and women, are truly heroes.


He also said that they are truly courageous and have a sense of responsibility that is jaw dropping. It is just a glimpse into reality of the sacrifices that they make. They are the true heroes. He also asked his followers for suggestions to help them.

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Kevin Hart also thanked the fire fighters for saving everyone’s life by risking their own. Maria Shriver also shared her multi-photo tribute via Instagram to thank the fire fighters. The Hill Fire and Woolsey Fire have forced many people out of their homes including a lot of high-profile celebrities as well. The wildfires are still burning through Southern California. The Woolsey Fire has covered around 91,572 acres and the Hill Fire has spread to 10,000 acres.