U.S fighter jets to get equipped with laser technology

    U.S fighter jets

    US Air Force disclosed a laser system which has the ability to protect fighter jets from incoming missiles and anti-craft. The project is under process.  It will be ready by 2021.

    Research laboratory along with Air Force test the prototypes successfully with new artillery. At the initial, the system proposed for ground technology. later on, it shifted to air combat materials. It’s the revolution for air warfare.

    The past was the beginning

    In 1940, Air – to – air missiles were introduced. They were only able to take down within short range. But with the introduction of jet engines made the targets miss or pass from them. Hence, infrared and laser missiles were all over the country becoming a major preference.

    Contractor Lockheed Martin heads the project. The shell will carry a fiber laser with 10s of KW. The Northcorp Gruman is handling the beam control system. Whereas, Boeing will make the shell which carries the laser system.

    U.S fighter jets to get equipped with laser technology

    Source: Air Force Research Lab

    What more from “SHiELD”?

    This lasers will have the ability to take down the enemy in various ways. It can damage the sensors, especially the infrared sensors to avoid the subsequent target. It can also damage the control surface which will lead them to

    aerodynamical decline. Moreover, the heat could damage the propelling with intense heat released.

    This lasers will not be limited to only fighter jets. This laser has involvement in all the in and out functioning battle zones aircraft. Including, the less maneuverable air crafts, tankers, control and command stations.

    Fighter aircraft in the future can carry a lot of missiles to overcome the enemy lasers. But, the revolutionary laser missiles can take over the present time. When the aircraft will become more robust in order to take down enemy easily. This could replace guns and present missiles. Air – to – air combat can undergo to track, control and undertake the enemy missiles.

    However, the countermeasures will only be known when this affects the war in the air.


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