We know that the headline has definitely left you intrigued. We all know that dolphins are one of the most majestic creatures that exist on earth. And now, a photographer has captured some amazing pictures of dolphins swimming in bioluminescence waves.

Photographer Patrick Coyne has shot some magical pictures on April 15 at Newport Beach, California. These pictures show the dolphins glowing blue in the waters. This phenomenon makes it feel like dolphins have turned into glowstick. But, this is a completely natural process of bioluminescence.

Dolphins glowing in bioluminescence

Now, you might be curious to know that what is this bioluminescence that we are talking about again and again? And how does it cause the dolphins to appear glowing? This effect is caused due to light produced by the living organisms when they undergo some biochemical reactions. It usually happens when luciferin and ATP. Further, luciferase enzyme so formed speeds up the reaction, and further, ATP provides energy to from light and water.


And apart from this, Coyne also witnessed a similar effect at the beach. He captured the bioluminescent waves at the shore. We are sure that these heavenly pictures will definitely make you happy. And you might want to see this magical effect on yourself. And we would say that you are lucky if you are in Mexico. Because similar phenomenon has also been observed at Mexican Beaches. These beaches include Isla Holbox, Chacahua, Oaxaca, Quintana Roo, etc.

At many places, the light becomes so powerful that the fishes at the bottom become visible. For such an incredible effect, we can only say, “it’s purely magical!”