Ever heard of Sunflowers of pink color? Sounds weird, right. Sun is yellow so how, can we imagine sunflowers being pink! But, yes you have to believe this as the strawberry blonde sunflowers are blooming with a burgundy twist this summer. And they’ll brighten up your day as soon as you see them.

These sunflowers still come from Helianthus annuus genus, just with a slight variation in color. They have a slight pink and burgundy twist in their petals. And this makes these sunflowers unique.

Sunflowers with burgundy twist

We know that you might be curious about getting to see these Strawberry Blonde Sunflowers. So, you can plant them easily in your backyards or outdoors. You can buy the seeds for them online. And if you grow them in an area where they get adequate sunlight, you can get your Strawberry Blonde Sunflowers blooming at your home in two months.

For those who cannot keep plants alive, do not worry. Because these sunflowers are very low maintenance. Once, these plants are fully grown, they do not require a lot of maintenance though. But make sure that you provide adequate conditions for the plant to remain healthy.

Strawberry Blonde Sunflowers are blooming this summer

As they come from the same sunflower family, they grow up to six feet tall like sunflowers. Also, these plants won’t only make your garden or outdoors look beautiful but will also fill them with beautiful insects. These sunflowers attract many birds and bees also. So, you will get to see your garden enriched with wildlife.