Trump claims that as the president of the United States of America his name should have been printed on the stimulus checks.

Angry tweets about American president Donald Trump.
Angry tweets about American president Donald Trump.

The United States Treasury Department has directed the IRS to print the stimulus checks with the name of American president Donald Trump. The Washington Post indicates that this might lead to a delay in the nationwide reception of checks.

Furthermore, the senior agency officers confirmed that this order can lead to a delay of numerous days or perhaps longer.


This will be the first time in the history of American government, that a president’s name will appear on an IRS document. Historically, several checks have been issued by the IRS. But, none of them had the president’s name.

This decision of the treasury department makes all the payments strictly non-partisan. However, this time, Donald Trump’s name will be on the memo line which will be on the left side of the check.

Trump wanted to sign the checks-

Several treasury officials anonymously confirmed that Donald Trump actually wanted to sign the checks. He wanted treasury’s Secretary Steven Mnuchin to officially permit him to lawfully sign all the checks. However, it was explained that lawfully no president can be authorized.

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Economic Impact Payments

The stimulus checks are also known as Economic Impact Payments. 2.2 trillion-dollar stimulus package was passed by the congress. This package includes the awaited stimulus checks.  Americans are facing an intense financial burden; hence these checks aim to assuage this burden.

Reception amount

Americans who earn less than $75,000 will receive a check of $1,200. Moreover, couples will receive a collective amount of $2,400 via a joint payment. Anybody who lives with kids below the age of seventeen will $500 worth of added payment. To be clear, these stimulus checks will not be taxed in the future.

Americans are facing an intense financial burden; hence these checks aim to assuage this burden.

The process has begun

Some Americans have received their stimulus checks already. These checks were in the form of direct deposits. Americans who have not signed up for their checks should do it right away.

The IRS will soon launch an application called the “Get My Payment”. This application will be up by April 17, 2020. This app will facilitate systematic application and tracking of checks.