Stephen Curry Perfectly Safe After Multiple Collisions in Oakland, California

Stephen Curry, the point guard of Golden State Warriors met with an unfortunate incident on Friday. There was a multi-car collision on Highway 24, and luckily Stephen was safe, with no serious injuries.

Fortunately enough, all of the people involved in the accident seemed OK, ABC 7 News revealed.

Source- NBA

Because of the bad weather condition, Curry’s Porsche had multiple collisions during the crash. This was revealed by one of the Highway Patrol spokespeople who also narrated the entire incident on their facebook page. Curry’s Porsche was hit three times by a silver Lexus, who seemed to have lost control and enter Curry’s lane. Just after a while, a black Honda Civic strike Curry’s vehicle again when it was parked in the median.

The three-time NBA Champion and two times Most Valuable Player didn’t have a good history with cars. Stephen Curry had a similar accident way back in 2011, but had no injuries then too.

Source- Bleacher Report

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