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Smoking protects against COVID-19 symptoms, says new research

Cancer Covid 19 Coronavirus

It is no secret that the Coronavirus’s complications comprise of pneumonia. Pneumonia is a very severe lung infection. It should be noted that Smoking damages the very same organ.

Interestingly, recent research has pointed out that smoking has some kind of protective effects against the novel COVID-19.

It is well known that Coronavirus is a severe and communicable respiratory illness. It severely affects breathing due to its ill-effects in the lungs.

We cannot deny the very harmful effects of smoking. But, this new research claims something entirely unexpected.

“Bizarrely Strong” Evidence

London University College’s Prof. Francois Balloux is an infectious disease professional. He claims that he along with his team have found any evidence that is “bizarrely strong”.

Also, another study which is done by CDC or the Centre for Disease Control, America says they have studied more than 7,000 patients of  COVID-19.

They have found only 1.3 % of smokers amongst them. It should be noted that around 14 % of the American population smokes.


Moreover, Chinese researchers also reveal that the patients they examined consisted of a majority of non-smokers as well.

The New York University’ along with the Greece’s University of West Attica studied approximately thirteen Chinese reports and found the same.

According to the Global statistics, out of a sample of 5,300 patients, only 6.6 % of the population smoked.

As shocking as it sounds, these consistencies led to the belief among the researchers that nicotine works well against the coronavirus.

Based on limited data

However, these are very initial researches. Furthermore, medical professionals all around the world are still considering these studies. It should be kept in mind, that these studies are based on very limited data.

The NHS conveyed that “every cigarette you smoke is harmful” and such researches shouldn’t be believed unless they are reviewed.

Written by Vijay Dubey

Pursuing a integrated degree of engineering and law, got into content writing as a hobby. Started my initial work on multiple pages on Facebook and after receiving experience shifted to writing articles.

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