Russia’s President Putin ordered his troops to invade Ukraine and declared an unprovoked war that shook the world over a week ago. Many people had to leave their homes or stay in cities because of the fear of being hit by missiles and not being able to sleep because of the sirens going off.

The brave Ukrainian soldiers are protecting their homes. The Russian army is demoralized by civilians because they are involved in military activities. People trying to stop tanks with their bare hands became symbols of the strong Ukranians’ spirit and determination to win.

We went to all the corners of the internet to find more stories of people taking action and showing smaller acts of resistance to help defeat the enemy.

The best way to help Ukraine is to give money. The National Bank of Ukraine opened a special account to raise money for the armed forces. There is a special account with the number UA843000010000000047330992708. If you follow this link, you can find more information and make a card payment.




The first ones to fight are the soldiers. It is recommended that civilians leave the cities that are under attack. It is estimated that there will be about 5 million Ukrainian refugees trying to escape to neighboring countries, especially if they have family or friends there.

According to the UN refugee agency, by Wednesday morning New York time, more than one million people had fled to other countries.






We don’t know how we would react if our country was attacked, but we know that the Ukrainians are very brave and know that small acts can make a big difference. We already have many stories that have been included in history books.

Besides the fact that Ukrainians showing obstruction, the entire world has discovered that Putin doesn’t show at least a bit of kindness and that no one in power is adequately bold to make him adjust his perspective on the conflict in Ukraine. In any case, Russian individuals are sufficiently bold to go to the roads to dissent as they didn’t need any of this to occur in spite of the way that they more likely than not will be captured and who can say for sure when they will be delivered assuming that will happen through and through.




Different countries show support by going into the roads too, encompassing the Russian international safe haven or vandalizing it, CEOs are severing business associations with organizations that benefit Russia’s economy, and, surprisingly, online media is engaging in all of this.

Someone came up with the idea to write reviews for Russian businesses on how rotten the regime is and how unnecessary the war is. Others are setting their location to big cities in Russia and when they get a match, they send pictures from Ukraine showing how Putin’s regime is making another country suffer.








It is possible for every single act to have a snowball effect and impact someone’s life and pave the way to peace. It doesn’t matter if it is donating money, providing humanitarian support, or reporting misinformation.








We remind you that the National Bank of Ukraine still has funds in its special account. If you follow this link, you can find more information and make a card payment.
























22. Yelena Osipova, a well-known survivor of the Siege of Leningrad, was held by the police at an anti-war protest.