The summers have knocked the doors. And, we are probably looking for new coolers to make our summers more enticing. But, usually, we are caught in a dilemma when we are asked to choose between candy and ice-creams. So, Skittles has finally premiered a new two-in-one Sour Skittles that will end your confusion forever.

The new Sour Skittles is an ice-cream infused bar that will definitely become your choice of cooler this summers. This new product from Skittles is being sold throughout the supermarkets in the UK. Also, the seller promises that the new Skittles is a fruity flavor ice-cream filled with candies covered with fruit sorbet.

Sour Skittles Strawberry Ice Cream Infused Bars

Thus, it seems like new Sour Skittles will become a bestseller as a sweet in market. Also, as the people are trying a new delicacy, they have already started leaving positive reviews for it. Many of them have even rated the ice cream bars five out of five. Also, some of them compared it to Magnum.

So, it feels great that when we all will get to go out and enjoy summer, we will have a new delicacy to try. If you are in the UK, you’ probably get luckier as it is currently available there just for £1.50. We hope Skittles will make it available in other places as well. And, we would highly recommend all to try the new infused bar.

New Sour Skittles