Michael Morisette went through twelve hours of fear and anxiety before he got to know about his daughter Kristina’s death.

Michael has been waiting with his family to know about the condition of her daughter at the information center since Thursday. They were informed about the tragic shooting hours before they went to the information center by Kristina’s friend. The news of Borderline Bar & Grill mass shooting came as a shock for the family. Kristina had been working there since a year.

As soon as the family got the news, they started searching for their daughter. Everyone from the family started calling them and also checked at the local hospital.


Michael said,

It was the parents of [Kristina’s] other best friend who lived down the street, around the block, and they wanted to know if they could help and we didn’t even know what was going on.

Getting to the restaurant itself was very difficult as the entire area was surrounded by police. There was no reply from Kristina and it was just impossible to get to her. Morisettes then decided to go to the information center, but had to wait for some time before they got any information. It was a long and hard wait watching the sheriff telling a dozen of family that they have lost their loved ones. They were the last one to know about it.

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a close up of Dagi Bee: Kristina Morisette

Michael said,

That made it harder, but it’s just the way it worked out I guess. It made it hard to watch everyone go through and sit through the pain and agony.

All this while, Michael was secretly hoping that his daughter was somewhere alive and safe. He held onto hope till the last moment, but the unfortunate news shattered him completely. He believed that her daughter was the youngest among those you were shot at the bar.

Source: People.com, MSN