Humanity’s relationship with insects is ancient and complex.

“If insects were to vanish, so would nearly all flowering plants and the food webs they support. This loss, in turn, would cause the extinction of reptiles, amphibians, birds, and mammals: in effect, nearly all terrestrial animal life. The disappearance of insects would also end the rapid decomposition of organic matter and thus shut down nutrient cycling. Humans would be unable to survive.”

Yet, they’re in danger of going extinct due to pesticides, drought, humans removing them, air pollution, global warming and so much more.

Bee Bricks are innovative.

“To counter the problem, England-based firm Green&Blue has created bee bricks to provide habitat to solitary bees, which are particularly under threat, as most bee conservation initiatives focus on honey bees.”

Bee Bricks are basically a gardener’s dream.

“These bricks are similar to your regular construction bricks but have cavities for bees to use. Each brick is made of 75% reclaimed concrete that attracts bees, meaning more pollinators for the garden.”

“As we started to recognize the scale of the problem facing our wildlife we wanted to think of bigger solutions and partners. We realized that the construction industry is so huge and the rate of building work so prolific that, by partnering with that industry and ensuring that buildings made space for nature we had a really scalable solution that could make a massive difference.”

Bee Bricks belong in sunny spots.

In order to get the most out of a Bee Brick, it needs to be placed in a warm outdoor area with plenty of sunshine.

They come in various colors and shapes.

“Just because they’re bricks, doesn’t mean using them should be a dull occasion. Bee Bricks can work beautifully in a variety of garden and outdoor spaces to complement the decor and protect the bees. They come in white, charcoal, red and yellow. Style and protecting the ecosystem sound like they’re taking environmentalism to new heights.”

They’re also sold as standalone blocks.

“For those with limited space or just a general hesitation around bees, there are standalone Bee blocks available, and they’re pretty adorable.”

It’s all about promoting generations of bees

“After the bees get all cozy in their new Bee Brick home, the real magic begins. They give birth to cute lil bee babies in the brick, and that means more bees to pollinate the world. It’s simple, yet brilliant. The continuation of the cycle makes a difference and challenges the ecological devastation that bees are currently facing.”

They’re very stackable.

There are even helpful add-ons.

Bee Bricks are super affordable.