Roush Mustang duels with Dodge Demon in an epic Drag Race

    dodge demon vs mustang

    Watching a drag strip can be cool, mention not – but when you have a Dodge Challenger its super cool. People won’t talk about other race car and beating down a Dodge Challenger SRT Demon isn’t always possible. And rightfully a drag strip with massive 840 horsepower kept under the hood.

    The car also includes a Trans brake and seamless line lock. But this isn’t the only thing, the real monster is its upgraded suspension. This tuned feature actually gives an advantage during the starting line. But lets now experience the Roush Mustang vs Hellcat Demon.

    Roush Mustang duels with Dodge Demon at a drag race

    SOURCE: Motor-1

    A drag race featuring both Dodge Demon and Roush Mustang from Demonology, a YouTube channel. This channel renders all kind of demon actions while a clip of stock McLaren getting views during December. However, this time the channel makes a video of a mighty old Chevy and Ford Mustang.

    Roush Mustang duels with Dodge Demon at a drag race

    SOURCE: Motor-1

    Roush Mustang can be lethal for others

    This mighty old Chevy truck may look tame but neither of them is tame. Though, there is no major idea about how much tuning is done with the truck. However, the truck is modified exactly for a straight line fun or Dragging. The truck carries a V8 under the hood and a nitrous tank welded at the back carrier.

    Roush Mustang

    Roush Supercharger

    And the Ford Mustang is well equipped with Roush packing including the supercharged V8. The horsepower for each of the vehicle is not known however, both of them isn’t slow. Though, the track is 1/8 mile long and getting a good head start for Demon is critical. Dodge Demon, got an advantage for its extreme built up to prove its start like a scalded locomotive.

    Roush Mustang duels with Dodge Demon at a drag race

    SOURCE: Motor-1

    Even Dodge Demon was cooler

    Moreover, this kind of YouTube video can be pretty watching and challenge. But, the fun watch is the nitrous tank at the back of a pickup truck. It made a non-operational before the Dodge Demon, so the probability can be guessed from the video. Still, the truck made a reasonable watch except with the giggle gas. And taking the Mustang in account it cleared two rounds of the run. Both the runs were successful, making a clear line from its starting line. Check out Hiptoro for more exciting updates.


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