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PSA: HBO is suing people for downloading Game of Thrones torrent for free

    Game of Thrones torrent

    Game of Thrones torrent downloads has been grabbing attention in the piracy community after the latest Game of Thrones Season 8 premiered a few days ago.


    Game of Thrones Torrent Downloads and Statistics

    Muso an online piracy data firm released a dataset that insinuates that Game of Thrones has been download 54 million times. The legal viewers of Game of Thrones while airing was 17 million.

    The data firm also suggested that the pirates started preparing very early for the show. The pirates started downloading the torrent for the last 7 seasons. The last 7 seasons of Game of Thrones were amongst the Top 25 most pirated shows around the world.

    What is a torrent?

    Torrent or BitTorrent is a Peer to Peer(P2P) file distribution network protocol. The file used to initialize these transfers is called torrent files. Torrent is not illegal but it depends upon the use.

    As mentioned earlier, torrenting is not deemed illegal. Many software companies have used BitTorrent to distribute files. However, Game of Thrones is shared by the pirates without the creator’s consent.

    Game of Thrones Torrent Downloads encourage piracy and monetary damage

    Muso shared the data which suggest that the USA is not the biggest pirate. Interestingly, India stands first in the piracy statistics with 9.5 million illegal downloads followed by China with 5.2 million downloads. The USA stands third with 4 million illegal downloads.

    TorrentFreak reports that more than 120,000 torrent users shared the Game of Thrones torrent.

    It should be noted that many attackers and hackers use the popularity of Game of Thrones torrent to their advantage. They use the torrent file to share malicious programmes.

    Potential Lawsuits for Canadian Torrent Pirates

    Considering the monetary damage the Game of Thrones Torrent is doing to HBO, the studio has started suing the offenders in Canada.

    Game of Thrones: Piracy and Illegitimate Downloads

    Hollywood as a whole is pushing hard to punish the torrenting websites like Piratesbay to curb the rampant piracy.

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