Demonstrations and protests against Facebook's nudity policy raging on full scale

Once again Facebook is in the limelight but for all the wrong reasons. More than half of the world’s population uses Facebook and this gigantic app for past some years have often been in trouble. Well, this time it’s in the spotlight due to its extremely strict nudity censorship. Protest against Facebook Nudity Policy raging on the full scale.

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Demonstrations and protests against Facebook's nudity policy raging on full scale
Facebook’s nudity policy being questioned
Source: CNN

Protests against Facebook and Instagram’s nudity policy: know the details

On Sunday, right from the dawn about a 100 people protested in front of Facebook’s New York headquarter. The protest was against Facebook and Instagram’s policies of artistic nudity. The demonstrators lay naked on the road in front of the Facebook headquarter. Each holding large images of male nipples just so as to cover their private parts.

Spencer Tunick, along with the National Coalition Against Censorship organized and photographed a protest called #wethenipple. Spencer Tunick is an internationally renowned American artist.

Demonstrations and protests against Facebook's nudity policy raging on full scale
Picture taken by Tunick
Source: CNN

Members of “Grab Them By The Ballot”, which is a women’s rights group also participated in the demonstration. The group confirmed their stand through a statement in which they said that they were

challenging the censorship of artistic female nudity by Facebook and Instagram’s ‘community standards’”.

Grab Them By The Ballot announced that its mission is to

 empower women around body positivity and encourage female voter turnout in 2020,”

Dawn Robertson the founder of the group said that the group has been censored by Facebook because of its posting artistic nude photos of women.

Facebook refuses to give any comments

CNN contacted both Facebook and Instagram inorder to know their approach towards the situation but did not receive any comments. It is clear that Facebook owns Instagram and ergo Mark Zuckerberg is the only person to look forward to for a response.

Instagram’s community guidelines clearly state that naked images are banned on that site for a variety of reasons. However, images of women actively breastfeeding and photos of post-mastectomy are allowed.

Facebook has already made it clear that it had restricted “the display of nudity or sexual activity because some people in our community may be sensitive to this type of content.”

Spencer Tunick is known to have coordinated more than 120 large- scale nude photos, that too in public area. His most recent photo shoot was in Melbourne, Australia, that involved nearly 500 people.

He has orchestrated umpteen mass nude photo shoots since the year 1990.