People Are Taking Selfie Through A Toilet Roll To Look Like The Moon.

Welcome to the internet world, where you’ll see people doing and posting crazy activities. This time, we’ve got something unique and special for you, a craze first started by Nathan Knight, an American basketball player, after he attached an image of himself as the ‘moon’ to Twitter account @TwopTwips.

Imagine how amusing it is to show up being a moon. The imagination itself creates a beautiful vibe in the head. Nathan even explained how he created this incredible look. He added, “Convince people you are a moon by taking all your selfies through a toilet roll center”. Since then, people are going crazy about it.

A few years ago, the users had started the moon selfie challenge on social media posting similar kinds of pictures of themselves on the internet. However, the trend died out after some time with fewer pictures appearing related to the moon’s selfies trend.

The trend recently picked up again and the social media is full of photos of people peeping through toilet paper roll tubes and other cylindrical objects to look like a moon.

Check out the fun they’re having with it.

1. If You Take a Selfie Through a Toilet Roll Tube, You’ll Look Like The Moon

If You Take a Selfie Through a Toilet Roll Tube, You’ll Look Like The Moon

2. Cute meow that resembles the moon.

cute meow that resembles moon.

3. My cat is gonna do it perfectly.

My cat is gonna do it perfectly.

4. Moon without scars.

Moon without scars.

5. The perfect mom spreading her moonlight.

I am the perfect moon.

6. OMG. It’s working…!

OMG. Its working...!

7. Toilet roll can shine too. Haha…!

Brightest moon in the universe. LoL !

8. The Little munchkin with big eyes peeps into the toilet paper roll with innocence.

Baby moon. Can you see it? #well tried

9. Seems like his big face doesn’t fit in the perfect shape.

Counting the stars probably.

10. And this took 110 tries!

And this took 246 tries !

11. An accidental click!

Did i do it right?

12. His grin face will make you laugh out loud. The Troubling moon…!

That is amazing.

13. My Cat Is 110% Done With My craziness.

My Cat Is 110% Done With My craziness.

14. Who did this? ROFL.

Who did this.

15.Hello, Its Me, The Actual Moon. Though, it failed Miserably. I Still Cannot Do This. LOL!

Failed Miserably. I Still Cannot Do This

Internet users have bombarded the selfies across all platforms including Instagram where the hashtag #moonselfie has been trending. Trying hard at looking like the moon, the users can be seen giving funny expressions in their photos.

The trend has been making it on and off amongst the users. The idea behind this is to look like the moon. All you need is your cellphone and a toilet paper roll. Then, peep through the toilet paper tube and click a selfie, and that is the moon selfie. Well now, this is how I keep you guys around. Good Work