13 Examples of People Who Decided To Show No Mercy To Others

We are in a world full of amazing people around us. I find sarcastic people very attractive and straight forward. Some people don’t mind to do whatever they want to do in life. It is very strange but honest with them that they do what they really feel. And don’t you dare mess with these people because they do not give a damn about anything you care or think. They would pay no mercy to you. We all have some friends and people that we meet daily and are really weird with their activities and behavior. I come across many people like that in surroundings or social media. However, this behavior is not acceptable to many people because it certainly creates a negative vibe in the brain to some extent. I have a collection of such people here with proof that would make you remember if you have encountered them too anywhere around you.

This icecream box was supposed to be shared among the brothers. But guess who did it alone. But who gives a damn about sharing.


I know grades are important but this is something I would never expect with my father. That’s rude. No mercy.

savage dad

What would you like to eat baby?
And the answer is taken too seriously.

whatever girl

When you don’t care how much he loves you and you are savage enough to ruin the situation even more.

prom night

Maybe you can trick her with the options but dude she knows the right words to throw you out. That sounds great though for an over-smart lad.



When parents get too much involved. That’s the right time to leave the earth. Pack your bags to Mars. This breakup is confirmed, LOL.

dad with phone

Give yourself break for this. This mom deserves a medal.

i am adopted

Cops ahead!

cops at work

When you give so much importance to yourself. And doesn’t give a damn about what would your opinion be.



Dude! I am not responsible for your side. Clear signal


Any lock expert in the office?


Park at your own risk.



hahahhahah… I a sure buying some cookies from this place. Check out this place!

weight watchers


Revenge accomplished! I just thank god to not have a neighbor like you.

roof vaccum