Carlos Ghosn, the CEO of Nissan, has been arrested for engaging in misconduct.

According to the Japanese automaker, company’s money has been used by Ghosn not only for personal use, but investigation is being conducted for finding out if it was employed for some improper practices by Ghosn and Greg Kelly, the Representative Director.

Ghosn is one of the world’s most prominent auto executive and also a legend in automaker’s industry. He even presided over the Nissan-Renault alliance which developed the global automotive powerhouse. Ghosn gave up the task of CEO last year.

According to reports, Nissan has been investigating several board members including Ghosn and also cooperating along with Japanese prosecutors. It was further reported,

The company said its investigation found that Ghosn, 64, and the other board members, Greg Kelly, had been under-reporting Ghosn’s compensation.

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Source: One News Page, Business Insider

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