No doubt, Disney is breaking the entertainment platforms with new and unique content. And the viewers are liking Disney’s content very much. And almost after a century, Disney has welcomed Niles Fitch as the first black prince in a live-action film. Yes, it might be astonishing for a few of you but, this is actually the truth.

Disney has decided to cast Niles in its upcoming film the Secret Society of Second-Born Royals. The film will revolve around the rebellious teens who are currently living under the shadow of their sister. And their sister is next in line to empower the throne.

This Is Us Star, Niles Fitch

We know that you are curious to know more about This is Us’s star’s role in the film. So, Niles Fitch will play the character of Prince Tuma who has super-human abilities. Fitch, himself announced the news on Twitter in one of his posts. He shared some stills from the film and quoted himself as “First Black Prince of Disney”.

Disney's Film, Secret Society of Second-Born Royals

No doubt, Niles Fitch is breaking the internet with this astonishing news. According to sources, in the film, the Secret Society is a team of gifted young recruits that have the responsibility of keeping the world safe. Fitch’s co-star from “This Is Us”, Ca’Ron Jaden Coleman also congratulated him for his success and designated him as his role model.

Even the Disney watchers expressed their happiness for getting some uniqueness in Disney’s films. Most of the viewers took to Twitter to congratulate Niles. And he also mentioned that they were eagerly waiting for the premiere of the film. So, we hope that you might also have liked Disney’s new take on the selection of stars. And, we would highly recommend you to watch this film as it is going to be a blast for sure.