The trend of making the “Wes Anderson” verson of any video is well known among the viral video sphere whenever a new superhero video is released. The Wes Version is usually the low-key version of the video including dollhouse like production design, best impersonation by the actors and quirky voice-over narration.

“The Umbrella Academy” of Netflix has no relation with WES Anderson, but the trailer is similar to the viral version of Wes Anderson’s X-Men.

Even though it may seem a lot similar to one of the Wes Anderson videos, but in reality, Gerard Way of My Chemical Romance is the mind behind this trailer. He tried to turn this project into a movie, but then it was picked up by Netflix for turning it into a series.

The original comic series won an Eisner award in 2008. The trailer shows that it is off for a good start and so is the quality. Ellen Page may not have made X-Men 3 everyone’s favorite, even though all the parts were pretty amazing. She, however, managed to be a great costumed hero without any special abilities in Super, and she has a similar role here as well, if not throughout, then in the beginning at least.

The trailer features the Hargreeves super siblings with Flash like speed. You can get more details about them including their powers and names using the handy guide and poster gallery. You can definitely count on the fact that they are coming together to save the world from some grave danger. You need to watch it in order to know because we are not going to give you any spoilers. Whatever it is, you will know after watching that it is definitely world threatening. All you got to do is wait till 15 February to find out.

Source: Nerdist and Flipboard

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