NASA Insight Lander recorded the Sound of the Martian Wind!


    The NASA Insight Lander sent his first output from the Red Planet. For the first time ever, the sound of any other planet was heard on Earth. The Lander released a bassy vibrating rumble, which is the sound of the Martian wind. This sound is created by the deflection the wind from the solar panels of the Lander.

    This wind velocity was estimated to be around 10-15 mph. The lander installed an air pressure sensor and a seismometer on the surface of the Red Planet which captured this sound.

    Source- SPACE

    Bruce Banerdt of NASA’s JPL said that this was an unplanned and unexpected treat for them. Jim Bridenstine, the admin at NASA also said that this was a privileged moment for the team. He acknowledged the team for doing a great job continuously and achieving incredible things.

    The Lander completed its seven months successful journey on November 26. The route was of 300 million miles and it was mainly aimed to measure the marsquakes and get a deep analysis of the Red Planet’s interior.

    Source- CBS News

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