Mysterious And Infectious Bugs Put International Space Station At Threat!


    It has been reported that some mysterious bugs have infected the International Space Station. This infection might put the astronauts at a risk of “serious hard.”

    In a new study, scientists have found out that just like the bugs which are found in our hospitals, some mysterious space bugs exist in the outer space. The study also revealed that there is a 79% chance that these infectious organisms cause disease.

    The main infected sites were the base exercise area and the toilet onboard. It is also feared that bacteria might be drug resistant. This is dangerous for the astronauts in case the traditional treatment fails. This information was reported by Dr. Nitin Singh who is the leading author for this news.

    Source- NASA

    However, Dr. Singh also made it clear that these bugs are harmful to “future missions” and the current astronauts on the ISS are safe.

    Strains were found on the International Space Station, which when studies by microbiologist Dr. Kasthuri Venkateshwaran, was found out to be similar species which cause diseases in newborn human babies.

    Source- NYPost

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