Almost every beauty pageant is organized for women. But organizations want to appreciate the physical attributes of men as well. Thus, many communities host contests solely for men. For instance, Mister Global – a competition that has been taking place in Thailand for nearly 8 years – has once again amazed folks with their national costume competition.

If you are obsessed with ranking people on their physical attributes, you will find this Beauty pageant interesting. As each country wants to show it has good-looking people who can compete on a global scale, contestants from all around the world have taken part in this competition.

As far as I can recall, the beauty pageants and competitions came to be around the 19th century, with the first-ever Miss America contest being held in 1921. Nowadays, such events are not as popular as they might’ve been before – however, some organizations do stand out.

Scroll down to see stunning men from around the world.


We got a hold of Mister Global, and asked them to reveal more about the competition: “the national costume competition is a major highlight of the contest. There are a lot of pageants and people from around the world waiting for this, as it’s one of the most exciting sections. We can see and learn about fashion culture from different countries through a national costume, designed and presented through a contestant that represents their country. Besides, we have a very talented photographer, David Ryo, who makes the national costume portraits more interesting.”

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Moreover, we have managed to reach out to Pradit Pradinunt, the CEO of Mister Global, and asked him to tell us more about the contest: “the first Mister Global pageant was initially held in Pak Chong city, as a publicity event. The pageant gained fame and since then has been held in fascinating places around Thailand, developing into a leading international male pageant. Throughout the webcast, contestants are judged in four categories: fashion wear, swimwear, evening wear, and interview.”



Pradinunt then added: “the men who participate in the Mister Global system, yearly inspire others to make an impact on social causes. The Mister Global pageant provides the winner and contestants with a global platform through committed partnerships with companies, sponsors and brands. During his reign, the winner is given the tools to personally and professionally enhance others by providing charitable efforts to affect positive change, all while increasing awareness of environmental causes. Mister Global pageant has become a grand slam male pageant on its 3rd edition. It is a fast growing pageant and one of the most awaited events of the year”.




We also asked the man to describe what is it like being the president of Mister Global, to which he said: “as the leader of the Mister Global Organization It has been a challenging and not an easy job since our founding in 2014. We have been in contact with national directors and contestants from around the world. There are differences in language, culture and time. In addition, we must take these matters into consideration when organizing a pageant. Diversity really matters. And the contest itself must be an event that adds value to society around the world and inspires the new generation. And we as an organization learn more from contestants too”.

Hong Kong



For folks who aren’t that familiar with beauty pageants and Mister Global in general, Pradit Pradinunt said: “to make it easier to understand, we are like other beauty pageants – Miss Universe or Miss World, but in male version. We have an activity during the pageant where contestants spend some time together, learning news and promoting the host city’s tourism and charitable awareness. Preliminary interviews, swimwear competition, national costume and evening wear competitions which are entertaining and exciting. But we are not only an ‘entertaining event’, we are doing something that can inspire people around the world, especially the younger generation”.


Czech Republic

Sri Lanka

Lastly, the CEO gave a piece of advise to those who’d like to participate in male beauty pageants: “I would like to invite all of the people from around the world to open their minds and look at the male pageant in a different way. Male pageant is not just sexy men competing but something more than that. Also who wants to compete? This is not just competing, it’s activities full of fun, friendship and once in a lifetime experience where you may be the one who can inspire people to come forward to do something different, and maybe even change the world.”


United Kingdom






Dominican Republic

Dominican Republic





South Africa




Puerto Rico