Madden NFL 20: Release date, trailer and cover star announced

    NFL Madden Release Date

    EA Sports would finally announce the release of Madden NFL 20 this year. There’ll be a new cover star production that established Kansas City Chiefs and 2018 NFL MVP. Madden NFL 20 has already a release date along with the latest cover star, Patrick Mahomes as confirmed.

    What are the latest features in Madden NFL 20?

    The newest features covered are the Superstar X-Factor that brings up stars to life and demonstrating unique abilities.

    Moreover, the mode will support to assure each player with a unique skill set. For a series of experiences, there is much going to be a dynamic version that accepts players.

    • Exclusive Playbooks
    • Run keys.
    • Option Keys.
    • On-field assistant.
    • Modernist Pump Fake Mechanic.
    • NFL PRO Bowl.
    • Superstars drove play.
    • Latest Improvements.
    • New celebration.
    NFL Madden 2020 Superstar Edition- Details

    Source: EA Sports

    When would Release Date be?

    In conclusion, Madden 20 is likely to be released on 2nd April. On the other hand, standard and super ultimate version are available for release on 30th July. Do you have access to EA sports? If yes, the origin access premier can play as early on 25th July.

    Seems really interesting and good news for all gamers out there who are a big fan of Madden 20.

    Pre-order Madden NFL 20?

    Subsequently, you can already get pre-ordered Madden 20 before the release date. The best place to play this game is through Xbox along with other consoles such as Xbox One, PS4, and PC.

    Madden 20 Price

    • In short, the basic price version for this game is available at the best rate. You can get the fullest version of Madden20 with multiple extra items used in Madden Ultimate Team. Price:- 79.90$
    • Ultimate superstar edition is for $99.90.
    • The standard version is for $79.90.

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