Do you know what’s the best thing about Snapchat? Its dog. YAS! Dogs are so freaking adorable and their hilarious snaps always make us laugh. Ah, just a good dog snap is enough to lift our mood. 

If you are also missing good dog snaps, scroll down and see these furry babies who make our lives pawsome. 

We all know who’s the boss here… even the dogs agree.

Never saw someone getting excited to see a tennis ball before. This is Precious.

Breaks our heart a little bit, but this is too endearing.

Ouch! Poor Barkley.

Doggo not happy to see tennis balls like that.

Aww… somebody blended into the surroundings.

That wink tho.

High on meds. *Wink*

“You can’t match my style.”

Dogs are just too hard to ignore.

Nice and smol.

“Don’t underestimate me hooman, I’m fierce.”

Good boy pats for a good boy.

He’s in a food coma.

How can someone possibly ignore this cute face.

Aren’t dogs the purest?

“Oh my God! Is that for me!?”

Someone just wants to beat the heat.

“So what, if my butt can’t touch your couch? I will put my face on it instead.”

“We’re making history and a million memories.”

That million-dollar smile tho.

“See you at the dog park tomorrow.”

He is the chosen one.

Look at the way she’s looking. Priceless.

Dog’s expression is absolutely adorable.

One can never be depressed around dogs.

One can never be depressed around dogs.

Looks like the doggo is getting a spa treatment.