It seems like the loss to Chargers hit the Oakland Riders pretty hard. This was their ninth brutal loss on the season.

Not only the fans, but the players too were frustrated after the game. And the frustration came out by the mouth of one of their most experienced players. According to reports, Jordy Nelson said,

“I gotta get the f**k outta here.”

And the media couldn’t keep calm after that. Scott Gulbransen of CBS Sports tweeted, “Jordy Nelson done? Hmmm..”

Just a couple of hours after that, Chriss Reed of Silver & Black tweeted that there are reports of Jordy Nelson retiring tomorrow. Is it true? Or just a rumor? We have to wait a couple of days career.

Jordy Nelson had a career of 9 seasons with 550 catches and 69 touchdowns, covering a total of 7848 yards.

Source- Yahoo! Sports

It seems that the good players are making it easier for the team manager Jon Gruden. They are relieving themselves from the team, rather than being fired.

Source- Daily Snark