iPhone 11 Features: New Video Showcases a real take on iPhone 2019

    Apple iPhone 11

    As the expected release date of iPhone 11 gets closer, Apple blog-sphere is churning out renders and design of the phone at an ever-increasing pace.

    Until now, all the images we have got of the iPhone 11 are from the digital renders made by several media houses. These renders were made using speculations and rumors around the iPhone 11, which means that they can be inaccurate.

    Unbox Therapy, a youtube channel with millions of subscribers, somehow managed to get a physical mockup that looks like an iPhone 11.

    What does the mockup tell us about the iPhone 11?

    The mockup is said to be designed by taking references from the renders that are on the internet.

    One thing that has been common in all the renders and mock-ups is the 11 is the triple camera module. iPhone 11 will use a triple-lens system which will work alongside a laser sensor that will help in calculating depth for a photo.

    The laser sensor will shoot a laser at the subject and calculate the time laser took to bounce back, which would help in measuring the depth of the item.

    The triple camera setup has got a lot of negative PR due to the way it has been designed. The stovetop camera casing uses a large area as well. It is bulged out of the back and can get scratched easily.


    Another thing that gets clear with this mockup is that Apple will not make any radical design changes in the iPhone 11 as the mockup is inspired by previous XS phones.

    The headphone jack is missing as expected, but we have got a dedicated mute button on the phone. It is still unclear whether Apple would use a USB-C or Lightning connector.

    iPhone 11 Release Date

    iPhone 11 Release Date

    All the leaks and rumors are pointing towards a release on September 2019. If these renders are accurate, then we expect to see a new trend in the camera department of the upcoming smartphones.

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