We are already well aware of the fact that Google is testing its new platform called Fuchsia OS. And it is now revealed that Honor Play is going to be the test device for it.

This is indeed a big deal as Honor Play is going to be the first consumer device which will be tested for the new operating system. Not only this, Huawei marks the first ever contribution made into a Google project outside from Google.

Source- My Smart Price

Right now, Honor Play is the cheapest or should we say “affordable” device when it comes to Kirin 970. But the good thing is that you can run Fuchsia OS and Kirin both at the same time in Honor Play. What the consumer has to do it just lock their Kirin 970, and install the latest OS. Even when the unlocked Kirin, Fuchsia can be installed down the line.

It would be interesting to see how Huawei works on this new platform. There might be some new enthusiast program which it might offer to try out with Fuchsia.

Source- Android Authority