Hershey plans to sell Reese’s Cup, which is 40% thinner than the original one, starting March next year. It aims to lure customers who are demanding for Reese’s Cup that has more permissibility.

The new product will have half the amount of chocolate and peanut butter as compared to the original size. It will be called “Reese’s Thin” and it will be available in dark and milk chocolate varieties. The company has called on investors with plans to launch the product. Michele G. Buck, Hershey North America’s president, said,

This product is about 40% thinner than the original cup, and it appeals to those consumers who want something sweet with more permissibility.

Reese's teamed up with Krispy Kreme to promote Reese's Outrageous.

The company is currently working on revamping its some of the most beloved brands in order to increase sales. Reese’s Outrageous, a bar of chocolate stuffed with caramel and peanut butter, was launched in May this year. Hershey has been promoting the product along with Krispy Kreme. The company will bring out the Reese’s Pieces in the bar form in December for the first time.

The company has also been trying to expand the product range covered by the Reese’s brand. The company brought out the first new chocolate bar in Hershey’s Gold form last year. A hot cocoa flavor of Hershey’s Kisses will be brought out this year.

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This push for expanding the product range is brought at the time of increasing freight costs that are affecting the company’s profits. Hershey earlier announced to increase their prices to deal with rising costs. The prices may rise again in 2019 as reported by the executives of the company.

The consumers are excited about the new Hershey’s products coming up around the holiday season. After all, chocolate bars never fail anyone.

Source: Business Insider,  Woocarts