Watching a squirrel play in your backyard is what each one of you seeing this post is familiar with. Hoping from one tree to another is what we are used to seeing. But if a squirrel does not jump and play, there is a problem.
The story about Decan Anderson and the squirrel begins from here. He says a baby squirrel falls from the roof of his apartment. The baby hit a tree in the middle which caused a big cut.

He decided to keep the baby and look after it until the mother came to the rescue. She did not return, and Decan added a family member in his life. He called the wildlife officials for help occasionally. One fine day, when he was on call, his pet cat Coco has a maternal instinct towards the squirrel and started licking the baby.

After seeking medical help from the vet for the squirrel, he returned to Decan’s home which is not its forever home.

The squirrel was named after the popular character Tintin and is loved by everyone in the family.

Tintin does not fear cats. He will climb up their back or just snuggle with them whenever he wants.