As most parts of the world are currently under lockdown due to coronavirus pandemic, many of us have started doing most of the things on our own. And one of the most important activities in the list is grooming.

Whether it might be grooming ourselves or our pets, both have become a tedious task for us. And in one such failed attempt, a woman has accidentally shaved of her Golden Retriever. And the dog looks no less than a Piggy Bank now.

The woman also shared her experience of grooming her dog in a Facebook Group, Golden Retrievers UK. And once you see the picture of her dog, you will definitely roll on the floor laughing. She captioned her post as a “shaving accident”. The post has gained more than 23K reactions on Facebook. Many felt pity for the dog & woman. And many giggled about how the Golden Retriever was looking.

Golden Retriever turned into piggy bank

Being truthful, this is the first time that all of us are bound to do these things. We never had such a situation before. And, we usually took professional assistance. But, as we do not have any option before us we’ll have to either leave it as it is or try some hack with the help of the internet. Luckily, there are many dog owners on social media platforms that can better assist you in that case.

Woman fails in grooming her dog

And this is not only the case. We have already seen many other quarantine haircuts mishaps before this. One woman trimmed her husband’s hair so badly that he had to go bald instead of keeping it. But, whatever the case maybe we will urge you to stay home and manage with resources that you have.