The internet is filled with stories about irresponsible young people who can’t do anything, live with their parents full-time, and have trouble every day.

Young people don’t want to listen to their own parents and grandparents, who left their parental home in their youth, earned decent money, and were completely independent. Sometimes the opposite also happens in that situation.


The guy was kicked out of his parent’s home when he was 18.

Like this account of 18 Y.O. Redditor whose AITA post soared in prevalence, acquiring 18.6K upvotes and over 2.2K remarks in only two days (and it’s nowhere near finished, we’re certain).

The original poster is an ordinary teenager who lived with his parents, and on his 18th birthday, his father entered his room, tore off his blanket, and said, “You’ve just turned eighteen – get out of my house!”


The OP had $5K in savings because he wanted to play it safe.

The OP was prepared for this turn of events. His parents told him many times that they couldn’t wait for him to come of age so that they could have peace and tranquility in their house.

He wanted to play it safe, even though he usually took this as a joke. He had about $5K in savings from various part-time jobs when he came of age so he could afford to rent an apartment.


The parents told his grandpa that their son was going to college.

The teenager spent the night at his best friend’s house after packing his stuff. He reached out to his friend who had an apartment for rent. He had a family group call with his grandparents, aunt, and uncle, as well as his parents.

At one point, grandpa asked the OP: “So, as your dad says, you moved out to attend college?” The guy said that his parents kicked him out of the house on his 18th birthday. Grandpa scolded the parents for kicking their son out and lying to him. He cursed them out in front of all the relatives, and in front of the OP himself, for about two hours.

After some time, the parents called OP, telling him that his grandfather had never insulted them like that before, and blaming his son for snitching. They ended the call.


The people online were angry with the parents.

All of the commenters were completely appalled by the behavior of his parents. According to the law, his parents should have given him a written notice to leave, even if we ignore the moral side of the issue.

The old man really had his back, being way more familial than the parents themselves, so he was advised to do this with his grandson.


Someone told the 18 Y.O. he was the only adult in his family.

If the guy told his grandfather the truth and his parents were offended, he would be the only adult in the family. Someone wrote that the parents can probably be expected to write an angry post about the son who refused to take care of them.

We will be so grateful to you for sharing your own opinion about this story because the problems of children and parents are always very complicated. You will be golden if you tell us your own story. It was almost like OP’s grandpa.