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Google Podcasts: You can now listen to Podcasts on iOS

In a like manner, Android users are already using Google Podcasts for a long time. Alternatively, the good news is desktop and iOS users can avail advantage of search enormous listening interface. Previously, when using desktop computers you just have to type in the podcast and get a list of episodes.

Further, Google is trying to push users towards its product for better productivity. Presently, user can search for recent episodes of your podcast that brings up with recent episodes.

The link is where a user can find a list of episodes. Considering going direct to Podcasting will not permit you for the application. It’ll just re-direct the user to download smartphone product.

Google Podcasts

Now listen to Podcasts on Android and iOS

Since a long time, podcasting is only available on Android but the good news is its availability on IOS as well.

What you have to do?
  • Certainly, Search for Podcast Title on Google.
  • Conclusions will prioritize Podcasts that brings up the most recent episodes.
  • Clicking on the links redirects to Google Podcasts Web Services.
  • Above all, It is also functioning on mobile.
  • Lastly, after clicking just choose an episode of a particular podcast.
  • Are you signed into Google account? Finally, The account remembers for the podcast when synced to devices.

Do you know about Podcasts web app? Finally, Google desktop launches for Podcasts is the same as Apple when updating web interface. In a like manner, with podcasting web application permits the user to run episodes straightaway.  Hence, IOS users can take benefit for iTunes dependent services into applications, podcasts, music, T.V and others.

Google Podcast- Top-Notch Services for iOS User hits the Web!

Zack Reneau-Wedeen, head of product, confirmed new functionality on Twitter as it is a new method to make audio across the firm. Therefore, Google also declared I/O 2019 search results that show podcasts episodes related to searches. In case  a user looks for a particular crime, one might get an episode of a podcast dedicated to heading Podcasts about the record.

Source: Engadget & Twitter

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