It has been six and a half years since the launch of Apple Maps and now is the time for comparison it with Google Maps. Which one is better?

The first comparison was done in 2012. Google Maps surpassed Apple Maps in every aspect. But as of now, Apple Maps has changed a lot and improved since then.

Apple Maps and Google Maps Availability

Earlier to 2012, Apple Maps never came pre-installed. But after the update of iOS 6, Apple Maps came in the package itself. Every application in iPhone as per default setting will use Apple Maps. The service is of free of cost.

Google Maps shows different walks in different colors and show every possible route option.
View of search in Apple Maps vs Google Maps. Credits : Mac World

Google Maps is available at the Apple Store and is also for free. It is considered as third party mapping application and is mostly preferred for local searches.

Updates to Apple Maps only happens when there is an iOS update available. Google Maps receives updates whenever a newer version is available and can be updated from Apple Store.

Data Accuracy in Apple Maps vs Google Maps

When Apple Maps was launched, there were plenty of errors and bugs. Users got in difficulties after using the service and there was plenty of mismatching in data where malls and hospitals were confused on Apple Maps.

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But as of now, we first need to know how the back-end works of the two mapping services. Google bought a high definition satellite image company named Skybox for five hundred million dollars. This helped google a lot with the mapping service and has provided very accurate data.

On Apple Maps there is a single route showing but on Google Maps multiple options are available.
Route Options as well as transportation options on Apple Maps vs Google Maps. Credits : Mac World

Apple also bought companies such has Locationary which works as a crowd-sourcing navigation data and HopStop which collects data from courier service providers.

Apple Maps upon searching for a place shows buildings and streets near to that locations and some extra information related to local business.

On the other hand, Google Maps shows different colors in paths, whether the location is at walk-able distance or it is far of.

Local Searches on Apple Maps vs Google Maps

Upon searching for a local address on both the services, Apple Maps shows transportation modes such as driving, walking, public transport and ride-booking applications. But on the other side, Google Maps also shows another mode i.e cycling.

Whenever you search on Google Maps regarding any location, it shows similar matches in arranged list format. This list is sorted depending upon the distances. Additional info includes small description, amount, ratings, closing time and a swipe-able picture gallery.

Apple Maps on the other hand shows a list but in more concise form which means it accommodates more entries on the screen and upon selection shows you similar options as Google Maps.

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Turn by Turn Navigation Apple Maps vs Google Maps

The turn by turn navigation in Apple Maps provides you with 3D imaging of objects near you such as buildings. This helps you judge whether you are in a similar area as shown on the map.

3D imaging is better for navigation as provided by Apple Maps.
Turn by Turn navigation shown by Apple Maps vs Google Maps. Credits : Mac World

But here Google Maps shows you a normal 2D navigation but the voice command service provided by Google helps you guide all along your way.

In the end, the choice of the applications depends upon the user but Apple Maps is still improving its service. Google Maps in this comparison surpassed Apple Maps.

Source: Mac World and Tech Life Ghana