The automakers are pushing against Trump’s proposal for rolling back the fuel economy standards of the US. General Motors plans on to propose that instead of opposing the zero emission vehicle sales mandate of California, there should be a nationwide electric-car sales program by the federal regulators in 2021.

Honda Motor Co. did not oppose to President Trump’s proposal and focused on fulfilling the requirements. The responses are a clear sign of the industry’s misgivings regarding the President’s proposal. Mark Reuss, GM’s executive vice president of global product development, said that the company’s potential is much more than the President’s proposal. A nationwide program for 7 million long range electric cars instead of the zero emission vehicle mandates can help to slash down 375 million tons of toxic emissions in a decade.

Richard Corey, the executive officer of ARB, said that only oil companies will benefit from this proposal that will kill the efficiency. The President’s response is too aggressive. It will force the auto industry to produce costlier vehicles and that too unnecessarily. Michelle Krebs who is an Auto trader analyst said that GM is rising to the position of a leader as an alternative to the endless battle. All that need to to be known is that if the administration will accept it or not.

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Toyota Motor Corp is also in favor of 50-state emission plans and says that with little adjustments in the plan, environmental progress will also continue and the companies will also be satisfied.

The Alliance of Automobile Manufacturers agrees with national standard. The 12 automakers’ association including Toyota, Volkswagen AG and GM are pushing federal regulators for setting achievable standards that will also fulfill energy and environmental goals along with recognition of marketplace realities.

Honda disagreed with Trump administration’s plan and said that the analysis of the federal government regarding traffic safety is completely flawed.

Source: LA Times, Reddit