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Game of Thrones: Who is the Night King? What’s the difference between White Walker and Wights?

    Game of Thrones Night King White Walker Wights

    Game of Thrones is coming to an end with its final season this May. But, there are many questions which still remain unanswered. For example, Will Jon and Daenerys have a baby to rule the seven kingdoms? What is the true identity of the Night King? Is Cersei actually pregnant or she is pretending to be? And also, why are there no female White Walkers.


    You can recall that the blue-eyed boys who lead the army are always men. Are they the only ones who can ride a dragon? But also, Game of Thrones is rooted in such social institutions and practices, that there might be an explanation for this too.

    Who are the White Walkers in Game of Thrones?

    Game of Thrones Night King White Walker Wights

    So, let’s get started. The entire army can be divided into three categories. First, there is the Night King, then the White Walkers and then the army of the dead. The Night King is the one who shot a spear at Dany’s dragon and killed it. The White Walkers are ones with armours and who ride on horses. And the army of the dead consists of the wights, who are skeletons and corpses. And there are females only in the army of the dead.

    What does the legend say?

    According to one of Old Nan’s stories, the Night King was a Night’s Watch member. He fell in love with a beautiful woman and brought her to the Nightfort. They stayed there forever, ruling over the slaves in the Watch. But, ultimately, an army of the Night’s Watch, the wildlings, and the Starks took the king and queen down. And thus, the Game of Thrones that we know today began.

    What did the Game of Thrones show us?

    But, we have already seen in the Game of Thrones show that the Children of the Forest created the Night King. Bran had a vision during his training to be the Three-eyed-raven. He saw the Children of the Forest sticking a dragonglass dagger into a man’s heart, thus turning him into the Night King. but, they created him to protect themselves from humans. So, they created an army. And the most immediate threat to the Children would have mostly been males (soldiers).

    Game of Thrones Night King White Walker Wights

    The Night’s Watch has protected the seven kingdoms from the army of the dead for 8000 years. Sometimes, the Night’s Watch members would wander off into the North of the Wall and become food for the dead army. And since, the Night’s Watch brethren is only made up of men, that explains the lack of women.

    The army of the dead does not attack in terms of gender preferences. We have come across female wights like Karsi in the Battle of Hardhome. Where the Night King took down almost an entire tribe. For them, every human can be an asset to their ever-growing abundant army.

    Game of Thrones Night King White Walker Wights

    Also, there is House Craster, where Craster kept only daughters and wives in his household. He would sacrifice the baby sons to the Night King.

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