Just because of not liking the male student, some high school girls reported him that he assaulted them sexually. The district attorney and the school district are facing the problem that the young girls weren’t punished.

Now Alicia Flood and Michael J., the boy’s parents are taking a action against the Seneca Valley School District, Pennsylvania and the 5 girls parents  for their son’s treatment. In their  26-page lawsuit they mentioned that their son has been forced to detention at home, detention at juvenile facility, his liberty loss, endure multiple court appearances and other devastation till the girls admitted their false accusations

Because of the bullying that includes the predator sign taped on his back, now their son is homeschooled. The Floods’ attorney, Craig Fishman, told Penn Live that the boy had been tortured in the school by the investigators and other students, but the school management had focused only to protect the girls were lying . Also he said that after the allegations were proven wrong, they had not even cared for the male student.

In a Fishman’s taped interview, One among the girls mentioned that she has decided to report about the boy that he was assaulting her sexually because she didn’t  just like him. The lawsuit mentioned her as K.S..

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The lawsuit stated that the girl spoke to her classmates on October 2017 “To expel the boy she will do anything”. Hence she accused him that she has been sexually assaulted by him near the pool., Megan Villegas, her friend who is working at the pool said that she was there at the time of assault. She is the only defendant and a graduate from Seneca Valley High School.

On March 2018, the first accuser’s friend was identified as C.S., who has claimed that the boy entered her home without permission and assaulted her sexually. 2 more friends of her identified as H.R. and E.S backed her claim. On April, the male student was charged for another criminal trespass, simple assault and indecent assault.

He was arrested and expelled, also identified as a threat to community. He spent 9 days in juvenile detention center and later he was in house arrest.

The lawsuit stated that the male student was allowed to cut his home lawn after 28 days. Even though the girls admitted their lie in May, Richard Godlinger, the Butler County District Attorney, took till  30th August to dissolve the 2nd accusation and 10th September to dismiss the charges of the male student.

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District attorney refused to file criminal charges due to gender-based discrimination against C.S., K.S., H.R., Villegas and E.S.

Also the Girls who made false accusation were not punished by the school authority.

The school district is firm in treating the boy stating that lawsuit has been filled without merit.

In a statement release on Monday, a district spokesman said that they have been following all the applicable laws and they will be vigorously defend themselves during the process. He further added that the Seneca Valley school district ‘s 1st priority is the well being and safety of their students. parents, staff and volunteers entering their building.

Source : www.dailywire.com