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Facebook Pages of Rappers Ludacris, Lil Twist and Gucci Mane Hacked; Hacker Identified?

Facebook Pages of Rappers Ludacris, Lil Twist and Gucci Mane Hacked

Ludacris, Lil Twist, and Gucci Mane are among some of the most popular rappers in the world. It turns out that a hacker has broken through the security of their Facebook pages and has gained access into their accounts. Moreover, the names of their pages were also changed! However, the hacker has been identified.

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Image: Time

Let us take a closer look:

Ludacris, Lil Twist, and Gucci Mane’s Facebook Accounts Hacked

Ludacris, with 19 Million followers, Lil Twist with 4 Million and Gucci Mane with 8 Million followers are some really big pages! Earlier today, a hacker broke into these pages and even changed their names and started posting his own content over there.

Ludacris gucci mane lil twist facebook hacked

The name of Gucci Mane’s page was changed to Gucci Manisa, the name of Ludacris’s page was changed to Ludacris Lovcasm and the name of Lil Twist’s Facebook page was changed to Lil Twist Couple Goals. All the millions of followers who had liked these pages instantly got a notification of the name change and were confused by this sudden change. The hacker then started posting his content over the pages.

Accounts Recovered? Who Hacked Them?

The Gucci Mane page has reverted the name back to its original form. Ludacris and Lil Twist’s pages continue to have their new name.

Ludacris Facebook Account Hacked

Minutes after the names of the page were changed, a message (now deleted) was posted on their Facebook page, asking the fans to like their new page which featured ‘NS Ki Duniya’, owned by an Indian YouTuber Nishant Soni. It is suspected that he was behind the hacks.

Written by Kashish Verma

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